Sunday, 23 October 2016

Intangible value of love

"It has been really busy and I don't want to disappoint you."

This is an unedifying love story,

We split for few months. I still love him but in an aloof way.
I was grappling with a busy guy, who is tangible, kindhearted and once fallen in love with me.
I will never forget his smile, the way he smiled at me. A smile which I was the only person he wanted to ingratiate. He can only see me in his world.

A night, we went to a beach after his work, bought two kebabs as dinner.
I snuggled close to his shoulder and he held me tight in his arm.
We looked up the sky and I thought, those stars are just as bright as our future. I love you.

Thank you for entering in my life and I wish you good health!


By Melody

Sunday, 18 September 2016

Finding my true north

"The story of your life is not your life. It is your story." In other words, it is your story that matters, not the facts of your life. Our life stories are like permanent tapes playing in our heads. Over and over, we replay the events and interactions with people that are important to our lives, attempting to make sense of them and using them to find our place in the world.

- book TRUE NORTH by Bill George

Tuesday, 13 September 2016

Tai Tam waterfall


How to get there : MTR station - Sai Wan Ho, then take bus no.14, get off at Tai Tam Reservoir (north) 大潭水塘北. Walk back from the bus station til you see a signpost, that will be the start point. After about 20 min hike, you can see a wooden bridge, go down on left (there weren't any signs, but you can slightly hear the waterfall sounds).

Film photos down below :

Thanks for being my model Jacquie! We had such a good time hehe

Tuesday, 6 September 2016

Wrong message from our society

Hey! If you are reading this, I am happy because I have an important message to tell you.
I just watched a random video on youtube and given my first "dislike button" ever... 
It sounds weird to share something I don't like (or more I don't agree with), it's not my style.
But I think people should notice the positives from negatives. This is the reason of why I'm writing this now. It does sound confusing.

Let me explain what I was thinking after I watched this video.

A very big realization from this video is - people should not spread a message of they feel happy even hurting their lives and bodies. You might say, Monica, in this video, is achieving her goal, isn't it a good thing? A goal is something which can improve your life, make you a better person. Some people rob, they feel happy; some kill people to make themselves happy. Those are "goals" to a certain group of mindless people(sorry if it's rude to say so as there must be exceptional cases). Think about it, are they healthy to us, to the people surround us or the society?

I also have to state some wrong concepts, the one we should not follow :

1) "Back in the Egyptian ages, the fatter you're, the more loved you're, I guess." said Monica. (1:00)
- obviously, she made a wrong guess. I'm not trying to be offensive, but I don't think in the past, women wanted to be as weighty as 1000lbs.

2) She gained support and earned money through social media. She mentioned she received money from certain guys for food every month. I'm not telling you to hate her for this behavior, instead, we should support her, in a more positive way, tell her to go on diet, offer her weight loss surgery in order to keep her alive. (3:20)

3) Monica told her mom that her personal goal is to become 1000 pounds (5:03), and that makes her feel happy... Then, her mom asked : to be not able to take care yourself? and described it's miserable...

Up to this point... I know we have been learning don't judge others by their outlooks, this is not an issue about how we judge others. It is about the responsibility to the family, spouse, or just yourself. Love your family, love yourself!

I shared this video and I disliked it. I believe we all can learn something positives from the negatives (at least for me.) It is still an "inspiring" video.

Tuesday, 30 August 2016

Monday, 22 August 2016

Little paradise in Saikung

My hiking besties Jacquie wanted to bring me to Sheung Luk Stream for cliff jump on Monday.
We supposed to take a mini bus 29R to reach Sai Wan Pavilion and start our hike after breakfast in Saikung town. When we got to the bus station, we saw an unpleasing notice : the bus service stops temporarily due to landslide problem. We didn't have a plan B... anyway we did find another way to reach there (with a boat, but it costs too much, so we decided to hike somewhere else...) 
No consensus has emerged after almost an hour. Suddenly, an idea came into my mind - Canoeing!
I've never done this before in Hong Kong, also the first time for Jacquie, we both were excited.

How to get to the rental place * Sha Ha beach * : 
from Sai Kung Public Pier, walk through Wai Man Road and you will pass by a squash and tennis court, keep going til you see a beach on your right-hand side. 

We paddled to a small island called Pak Sha Chau and yesyesyes! It is an amazing place, tranquil, clear water and we met a nice bunch of people! We were invited to join a primitive barbecue party and after that, we followed another group of people to explore one more island - Sharp Island (I've been there once, you can buy a boat ticket at Sai Kung Pier).

It was a lovely day! Thank you all xx

Saturday, 20 August 2016


Let me write down some of my goals I want to achieve daily :

1. Exercise at least 30 min.
2. Eat clean.
3. Write something, anywhere, to anyone.
4. Remember 10 new German words.
* 5. Read 15-30 min. *
6. Do a 5 min meditation in the morning.
7. Share one good thing to the people I love.
8. Take a film photo.


95% of everything you do is the result of habit.
- Aristotle

We should build more good habits, because...

Good habits are hard to form but easy to live with,
Bad habits are easy to form but hard to live with!
- Brian Tracy

Definition of self-discipline :
The ability to make yourself do, what you should do, when you should do it, whether you feel like it or not.